What is Digital Stock?
How does Digital Stock Work?
How does the destination benefit?
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Why Will Users Join Your Digital Stock?

What Type of Users Will Your Digital Stock Attract?

In the publishing industry, as budgets decrease and the need to create differentiated quality work increases, editors search for new means of finding and hiring new talent.  Access to a more diverse network of freelance journalists and photographers reduces the time that publications need to spend on searching for new talent and trying to negotiate prices that fit their budget. 

Digital Stock offers the publishing industry a new way to connect with freelancers of all types from around the world.  Quality content sells papers and access to more content creators opens the doors for editors to expand their offering while maintaining a high level of quality and growing their network. 

Digital Stock was first used for the needs of the tourism industry (Destination Digital Stock). The same technological platform is being used to create professional communities of content creators, editors and publishers for main themes and topics relevant to the publishing industry.

Spread the Travel Dream

Destination Digital Stock is an interactive professional networking website where the tourism industry and the publishing industry can meet to promote the interests of all parties.  Writers and photographers can submit work for sale, publishers and editors can purchase and request work, affiliates can promote their services, and the destination has a new channel to facilitate communication with the travel publishing industry.

Tourist destinations know that close relationships with the media and opinion leaders are necessary to encourage the publication of articles and photos about their attractions and services.

Gathering writers, editors, affiliates, and destination leaders together to promote a destination to the public with a consistent message can be a daunting task.

Measuring the return on investment of these activities and ensuring that the destination achieves positive media coverage relevant to the target market, as yet, has been impossible.