What is Digital Stock?
How does Digital Stock Work?
How does the destination benefit?
How do users benefit?

Why Will Users Join Your Digital Stock?

What Type of Users Will Your Digital Stock Attract?

Why Will Users Join Your Digital Stock?

Your Destination Digital Stock will attract:

  • Tourism and lifestyle professionals seeking to connect with the world’s top working freelance journalists and photographers,
  • Professional writers, photographers, illustrators, and translators looking to expand their client base, and
  • Aspiring content providers just starting out and looking to prove themselves in the industry through the right channel

    By joining the professional network which DigitalStock.com has built, users will have access to:

  • Extensive database of publishing industry professionals.  Direct access to the world’s best talent and most diverse publications. Content creators can offer completed work or personalized pitches and reach a set of editors which were previously unavailable to them.  And editors can submit requests for specific work, choose from a wide range of pitches, or make quick purchases from a set of ready to publish articles and photography.  Users have credentials clearly listed in their profiles with samples of previous work as well as recommendations from other colleagues so that the community knows more about who they are collaborating with.

  • Press Release Postings. Industry professionals can post press releases which can be downloaded for free by travel and lifestyle journalists and editors.  Press releases are always current so that only the latest information is posted to keep stories fresh.  This is a new method of reaching a broader audience with the most recent news in the industry.

  • Media Trip Postings. Destination affiliates can post media trip information to invite qualified journalists to experience and review products and services through individual or group media trips.  Postings spread the word about the latest industry trends and offer opportunities that users might not otherwise know about.

  • Discussion Board. An open but anonymous discussion board allows members to discuss ideas and share tips between experts and new talent alike.